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Why a Smile Center Orlando Loyalty Program?

You find yourself without dental insurance for whatever reason. Maybe your company doesn’t offer it, maybe it’s not in the budget. You’re not alone, over 100,000 million Americans don’t have dental insurance. And it’s the number one reason people don’t go for appointments. That’s why Dr. John Altomare and his staff at Smile Center Orlando has a new loyal patient program to help with costs. The program offers care for low monthly payments, discounts on restorative, elective and cosmetic procedures and complimentary preventative care, (exams, cleanings and x-rays). All at a low cost for loyal patients. It’s rewarding you for good dental care in our office and at home!

It’s easy to sign up!

Just call, come visit or click on our website. You can fill out a quick form through the website or we will be happy to help you in the office or on the phone. Programs start at just $35 a month for adults and $25 a month for kids.

  • Fill out your name and other information
  • Choose your plan
  • Enter payment information
  • DONE

It’s a great benefit for your family, click here to get started!


Tooth decay is the most prevalent dental health risk. And the most preventable. Most people don’t think much about having a cavity. Did you know that every cavity you have makes you at risk for more? A decayed tooth can grow into a continuous painful problem. Starting with a broken tooth, losing teeth or at worst, a life threatening infection. This can affect your quality of life, not just from the pain, but from the ability to chew, how you chew and how your smile looks!

Regular visits for cleaning, x-rays and exams, plus good at home care – brushing, flossing – can stem off most tooth decay problems. Yet many don’t go to the dentist because of a lack of insurance or out of pocket cost. Smile Orlando now has a way to help prevent tooth decay while at the same time preventing large dental health bills. Gum disease – Gingivitis and Periodontal disease – is much more serious. Plaque, a sticky film that adheres to your teeth, allows for acid erosion of your tooth and irritates the gums making them sensitive and sore (gingivitis). Next comes harmful bacteria that starts eating away at the tooth and gum. That can progress to periodontal disease, where the gums recede and the plaque along with that acid, allows the bacteria to start eating away at the bone supporting your teeth.

In addition to all sorts of problems in your mouth, now periodontal disease is affecting other areas of your body. Doctors are not clear on the direct cause and effect yet, but the bacteria can get into the blood stream from the gums and create and/or aggravate other conditions. Serious conditions like, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia and birth! So when we ask you to SMILE ORLANDO, it’s so much more than for good looks. It’s for good health. For long term good health. And now, there’s a cost effective solution to keep you smiling long term.

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In addition to benefiting your wallet, the program benefits your health.