Dental Treatments

Tooth Removal or Extractions

Removing or extracting a tooth, which is more commonly called “pulling” a tooth, is usually the last course of action to take in preventive dentistry, but at times it is necessary to remove one tooth to properly care for other teeth. Crowding, moving, pain and decay of the teeth are the most common reasons for removal.

The skilled dental team at Smile Center Orlando will only consider extracting or “pulling” a tooth after a thorough examination has shown that the tooth is unable to be restored or maintained in the dental arch by any others means. Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the most common among dental extractions due to the lack of room to allow the teeth to grow properly without causing intense pain or affecting the roots of the teeth that have already come in the dental arch.

Other indications for tooth removal may be caused by severe decay, root fracture or trauma. Extensive mobility of teeth due to periodontal disease may also indicate tooth removal. Anytime a tooth must be removed, or extracted, it is called an oral surgical procedure. Depending on the pre-existing condition of the tooth or significant findings in your medical history, we may refer you to a specialist in oral surgery to have the tooth removed.

Ensure all your teeth have the space and care they need to be good neighbors. If you think there might be a real reason for tooth removal, call Smile Center Orlando at (407) 678-8848.

Care after Tooth Removal

The post-operative instructions following tooth removal, or extraction, should be taken as seriously as any other surgical procedure.It is normal to experience some soreness for day or two following treatment. Take two aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen every four hours as needed to minimize the discomfort. A pain reliever might be prescribed if necessary.​

  • Remove the gauze pack in 30 minutes after your procedure is over and repack the site for another 30 minutes with the gauze provided if bleeding persists.
  • Apply ice to the area 20 minutes on, then 20 minutes off for the first 2-3 hours, and continue for up to 48 hours if swollen. After 48 hours, apply moist heat to the area as needed.
  • Do not smoke, suck through a straw, or forcefully rinse or spit for the first 24 hours after treatment. You may then begin rinsing with warm salt water, gently, three to four times daily.
  • Limit your diet to liquids or soft foods and avoid alcoholic beverages and physical exertion for at least 48 hours


If you develop a fever, severe swelling or pain, or have any questions, please call the Smile Center Orlando at (407) 678-8848.