Dental Treatments

Dentures, Denture Therapy and Orthotics

Denture therapy is artistic dentistry at its finest. At the Smile Center Orlando, we are able to design a false set of teeth, or dentures, that look, feel and function properly.

Many individuals who have suffered the loss of natural teeth have a special need for someone who is extra sensitive to how they look, and has the cosmetic training to design a smile that will be attractive and will fit specific facial characteristics.

Dentures are usually removable with a full or partial set of teeth. The condition of the patient’s bone is essential, and is the key to how the orthotic will fit. In cases where there is insufficient bone, the expert dental team at Smile Center Orlando may recommend that you see our periodontist for a bone graft or for implants that will provide better retention of your denture.

Denture therapy also includes the monitoring of the tissues of the mouth and the health of the jaw joint. Both the jaw joint and the tissue must be healthy in order to obtain proper function with the denture in place. Our dentist and periodontist pride themselves on creating and maintaining healthy smiles with individualized denture therapy.

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