Dental Treatments​

Composite Fillings or Restorative Dental Therapy​

Restorative dental therapy is the comprehensive term for many types of dental work that serves to restore part of the tooth instead of pulling and replacing the tooth. One type of restorative dentistry is called composite fillings, or fillings, which is exactly what is happening to the tooth. Just as it sounds, a dental filling is the process by which a tooth-colored material, called a composite filling, is used to restore the teeth’s natural beauty.

Composite fillings are matched closely to your natural tooth color, so that the ability for your friends and family to tell the difference between a restored tooth and a non-restored tooth is virtually impossible.

Most teeth can be restored with composite fillings, including the front teeth and the back teeth. Composites have been proven to be an excellent option for dental repair because they are extremely durable, aesthetically pleasing and mercury free. There are many viable options when it comes to dental restorative therapy. Whenever possible, we try to keep the tooth by fixing or repairing the problem areas.

The following is a list of other restorative dentistry that can regain the health, beauty and functionality of a tooth or teeth:


Crowns are a type of restorative dentistry that is a practical option for keeping a tooth and regaining its health, beauty and functionality.


A bridge is similar in nature and function as a crown however it involves covering two or more teeth on either side of a space in a dental arch.

Non-Surgical Root Canal

A root canal, or non-surgical endodontic therapy, may be recommended for a tooth that has been damaged by deep decay, a large filling, fracture or trauma due to a direct physical impact or heavy bite.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to replace a missing tooth with a fake tooth that can stand alone in the mouth and function like a natural tooth.

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